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Give the boy a hug!

During my crystal healing sessions I feel so often that many of my clients have come to the point of deep seated unhappiness, depression, lack of self worth and loss of personal orientation because they are missing one thing and one thing only – a HUG!! Yes, a hug! A loving, warm, fuzzy, no-reason-to-give-one HUG!!!

I am not talking about the fake social hugs we all give from quite a distance when we say ‘hello’ to someone and kiss them a couple of times on the cheeks. I am talking about the big hug that wraps the other person in our arms,, when the two hearts come into contact and the other person’s skin feels warm and the heart beat is noticeable. That’s a hug that transmits energy, care, warmth, love, safety and peace.

A lot has been written already by many psychologists and child doctors about the therapeutic effects of a hug, so in the interests of space I will not repeat it here. What I would like to remind all mothers of boys is that a hug can solve a lot of problems especially for boys who have learning difficulties, display bullying behaviours and suffer from lack of concentration.



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