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New look and waves of change

Dear followers, this blog has been re-designed and I hope you like its new look!

I am sorry it took me a while to get it up and running again and that you had to wait for another post so long…but now I am back and thanking you for your patience! “All good things come to those who wait”…my grandmother used to say ūüôā

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for following and sharing your comments. I also wanted to answer to someone’s question: “Why are you doing this? Why are you writing all this? ” she asked.

For starters, I take my role as a mother seriously. I love being a mum and I enjoy every ¬†moment of it, but at the same time, I am one of those mums who think a lot. I feel that I am “a work in progress” and am learning more and more every day what it’s like to raise a human being who will hopefully turn out into a valuable member of our society. I see my mother role as a contribution to the well being, not only of my family, but to the world at large.

I believe in the theory of ‘paying it forward’. If I can give my son a good well balanced upbringing with solid values and principles, he can then-¬†later in life- pass¬†forward these values to others. If I can lay foundations in his life based on respect, emotional intelligence, fairness, teamwork, honesty, appreciation and kindness, then later he can share these with his life partner, his own family, friends and colleagues and hopefully touch, move and inspire other people’s lives.

Call me naive or romantic, I don’t care… but I feel that when we pay forward the blessings we have experienced in our life we can only inspire positive changes and improvements at all levels of society.

I chose to focus on the so called ‘battle of the sexes’ in this blog, just because the stories and troubles of my clients have made an impact on me. It really amazes me how in the 21st century large numbers of women are still treated by men in ways resembling the dark ages! I am astonished at the emotional blockages, unhappiness, lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem that resonates from people who have been well educated, well established in society and industry, who on the outside appear very modern, open and sorted…but on the inside have been traumatized by a mentality that dictates…thinking of women as accessories and categorize them as citizens of secondary importance.

If the way I try to raise my son proves to be one that can even-out these imbalances and psychological blockages and can shed a happy glow to relationships, then I wish that he does pay it forward…At least, when he is in his teenage years (where he will rebel and question me on every single thing I have taught him) I can show him this blog and say…”I have tried to make a difference…and it is always good to try”

Sometimes, it only takes a little pebble in the water to create a wave…Cheers to my little wave of change! May we all live happily to see it come to fruition and enjoy the new look of this blog too!

Diana Z


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