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Thank you my son!

The countdown to the New Year has started and my mind is not only preoccupied with fireworks and celebrations, but rather with giving thanks and showing gratitude!

When the angels announced the birth of Jesus to the world they said that our Lord, the Saviour was born…and I have always wondered…Could all babies, ordinary every day babies and later on children have the power in some kind of unique way to save us? From what??? From ourselves!

Children change our status quo, our habits and our narcissistic behaviours. They bring responsibility and accountability in our lives more than any other project. They push our boundaries and test our patience. They question our abilities and demand our undivided attention. They love us unconditionally and forgive all our mistakes. They push us to think more of the future and find explanations about the past. They remind us how to have fun and play. They challenge our intelligence by shuttering our ego. They shock us with their honesty and fearlessness. They motivate us with their restless energy and they inspire us with their simple clarity…

That is…if we are emotionally intelligent and mature as mothers to realise all of the above. Have we ever thought how many lessons we have learnt from our sons? How many new ways of thinking we have developed in order to make contact with them at a level that they are comfortable with? Have we ever noticed how many of our limitations in behaviour or mentality we had to improve in order to be better mothers?

I, for one, feel that I am learning from my son every day. He is challenging some of my personal boundaries and principles, some of my ‘de facto’ rules and helps me to become more flexible and adaptable. Looking at the world through his eyes,  I have seen some more ‘lights’ than I thought existed and I have re-considered many of my ‘fixed’ ideals. For this I am grateful to him and I am looking forward to keep learning from him more and more as he grows older.

I take this opportunity then in this festive season of love, forgiveness and understanding to publicly thank my son for choosing me as his mother and for guiding me through a journey of self-discovery better than ever before.

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all  2016 to be a year of love, peace, harmony and gratitude.

All the best,

Diana Z


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