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To the ‘behind the scenes’ mothers…

Today is a reminder day – Reminds us to say ‘Thanks!’ and show our appreciation and love towards the one woman who gave us life and stands by everyday to fulfill a huge list of tasks including all of the below mentioned and much more:

  • To love us unconditionally for ever, showering us with hugs, kisses, compliments, laughter, pride and self-confidence;
  • to care for our needs and wishes – biological, emotional, logistical, financial – with no end and with a lot of self-sacrifice along the way;
  • to help us grow and find our own path in life;
  • to encourage, inspire, motivate;
  • to teach, guide, advise, calm and settle all worries and fears;
  • to play, enjoy, laugh and cry with us and be our first friend and best friend for ever…

There is so much more that I could add on this list, but I choose not to. Today’s post is not dedicated to the mothers who know their true role in life and act accordingly. I am sure they have already earned their ‘medal of best mom in the world’ from their kids and they enjoy today’s and everyday’s moments of glory!!

I would like to dedicate this post to some other women who somehow fulfill the role of a mother in so many occasions but no one ever truly gives them credit for their invaluable assistance.

I call them the ‘behind the scenes’ mothers! They are the women who have no children of their own, but still display a remarkable ability and sensibility to behave like true mothers. I know a lot of such women who have dedicated their lives to children, whether through charity work or by just being there, available and willing to help some of the true moms in need.

They are, for instance, the aunts who read books to their nephews and play with them when the moms have to do the cooking, cleaning and entertaining at home. They are the friendly neighbours who, in a moment of crisis, will look after the one child while the mothers rush to the hospital with the other one. They are the best friends who will constantly do the babysitting when the mothers need to spend one evening out with their partners. They are the numerous nannies who pretty much raise generations in order to allow the mothers to work. They are the cleaners, cooks and house helpers who tirelessly keep a lot of households in order. They are the nurses and midwives who deliver babies during the night. They are the nursery, kindergarten and school teachers who, on average, spend daily more hours with the kids than the mothers themselves…and so so many others…the list is endless…

I would like to suggest that in the absence of a ‘Happy Auntie’s Day’, a ‘Happy Nanny’s Day’ and so on…we should take a few moments to reflect on the efforts these women make behind the scenes in order to facilitate the quality of life of the true mothers!

So, dear mothers out there, please, don’t forget to thank and appreciate the ones behind the scenes who help you maintain your work-life balance and fill in the gaps in your sons’ upbringing.

I wish you all many many happy days indeed ­čÖé

Diana Z




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