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My treatments rejuvenate you

Crystal Healing

60 minutes

A deeply relaxing body treatment, where powerful crystals are placed on the energy points (chakras) to activate the body’s self- regenerating action. Deep-seated emotional patterns are released and eliminated. A sensation of lightness and rejuvenation gives mind, body and soul a unique energy boost and a new positive outlook in one’s life and problems. Soothes stress, headaches, migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue and digestive problems.


60 minutes

A relaxing body treatment, where all energy points (chakras) become rebalanced. Negative energy is discharged, negative emotions are released and only positive energy is left surrounding the individual. Calmness and wellness takes over the body and mind. This treatment is appropriate for mental and emotional clearing.

Rejuvenating and soothing face treatment. Powerful crystals and deeply nourishing face masks are combined to suit the needs of your individual skin type. Face masks produced by the best quality natural hand-blended oils, plants, herbs and a variety of antioxidant ingredients awaken the skin’s inner glow and deliver unique anti-ageing results.

“beauty is a form of genius”

Oscar Wilde

Positive energy