Honoured to be voted amongst London’s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus

London’s Top 50 Wellbeing Gurus – Lucy Mayhew’s exhaustively researched list includes Diana Zouppas

“The London Paper’s exclusive guide to the capital’s alternative health experts can put you in touch with a guru who can help…”

THE LONDON PAPER – January 2007 – England

The Greek Guru of Wellbeing and Natural Beauty

“The good reputation that Diana has built through years of hard work has brought her clients from all over the world”

HOLISTIC LIFE – August 2011 – Greece

Diana Zouppas: “I go with the flow”

“The well-established Greek therapist, who operates holistic clinics in England has now opened Holistic House in Athens too.”

VIEW EBROS – April 2011 – Greece

Diana Zouppas view magazine

Diana Zouppas: “I go with the flow”

“The well-established Greek therapist, who operates holistic clinics in England has now opened Holistic House in Athens too.”

VIEW EBROS – April 2011 – Greece

From lawyer to skincare Guru

“Diana Zouppas tells LIFESCAPE how a serious case of teenage acne led to a major career swap”

LIFESCAPE – January 2007 – England

Promise of Happiness

“Full of original ideas Diana enriches the facials in her salon with new techniques, such as therapeutic crystals, Thai, Shiatsu and Indian massage, as well as nutritional advice…Beloved child of the British Press, she is known as ‘the Greek guru of beauty’

VOGUE – July 2005 – Greece

How to find your inner harmony

“Holistic House opened its doors in Voula, Athens with a purpose: to keep you away from negative energy and offer you moments of relaxation and wellbeing”

PALMORAMA – December 2009 – Greece

Fairytale launch of a new holistic clinic in Voula, Athens

NOTOS NEWS – September 2009 – Greece

Portrait: Diana Zouppas

“After all, inspiration, creativity, strength and glow come under one female – Diana Zouppas”

REAL FOOD – October 2007 – Greece

The Top 20 List of Who’s Who in Natural Beauty

„Diana Zouppas is rated 8th in the Top 20 List”

NATURAL BEAUTY – October 2008 – England

Interview with Diana Zouppas

“I make sure that I know all my clients’ skincare needs and preferences and act upon them with genuine care to their overall wellbeing”

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY – January 2007 – England

Life & Soul

“Gorgeous though the products are, it’s the facial and shoulder massages and lymph drainage that really make this a completely sybaritic experience. Afterward, my skin felt very ‘plumped up’ and the moisturizing effects lasted for several days, but it was the supremely relaxing and refreshing massage bit that would have me going back for more”

BATH CHRONICLE- July 2004 – England

Gift from the Gods

“Helen of Troy may have been the face that launched a thousand ships, but Diana Zouppas has the face most Greeks associate with beauty. Dazzling Diana has been the face of Cavalliert Skincare, a range used by international models, celebs and socialites, for more than 10 years. Now she has brought the holistic line, which employs hand-picked herbs, from the lands of the Gods to our shores”

SALON THERAPIST- August 2004 – England



Radio interviews


Diana Zouppas, Reiki, Hayley Quinn, Online Dating and Neighbourly work

Reiki Master Diana Zouppas connects from Austria and discusses her life path with Actress/Drama Tutor Sarah Huntley, Singer/Teacher Chloey Rose and Jessica Burtis after which Hayley Quinn discusses online dating with Alex Lewczuk and CEO of Neighbourly Steve Butterworth explains how food debt is being addressed by Aldi.

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Zum Interview

The Holistic House of Diana Zouppas

Regular Athens Correspondent Diana Zouppas with the latest updates on her Holistic work in Greece and London.

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Zum Interview

Diana Zouppas will return

A brief chat with natural beauty guru Diana Zouppas covering skydiving, giving birth, thunderstorms in Austria, life philosophies and upcoming October return to the UK.

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Zum Interview